Робот-разметчик «ПОЛ»

Exhibition INNOPROM 2022. Our review.

1. A very well organized event. There were only two joints: registration - only one entrance! and something else small, insignificant. 

2. At the exhibition and Mishustin and Trade Representatives of the Russian Federation in different countries.

3. Many acquaintances: Rosnano, Rosatom, businessmen from different regions. The third day would be devoted to robotics.

4. If your business is related to working with technological universities, or you are trying to break through your product (any: equipment, clothes ...) and start selling it in Singapore, for example, or any other country, we highly recommend it. 

5. We concluded for ourselves that the market will perceive the results of our work on the robot in 5-7 years ... but this is not a reason to stop. Vice versa!